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2022 FILMS

Here are the films that screened in 2022. The winners can be found here.

Music Video 02:20
dir Andrew Robinson, Tamlyn Lee Magee
South Pambula / Bega NSW
Unclassified – Age restriction: All Ages

“The myth of the individual has left us disconnected, lost and pitiful” – Kae Tempest, ‘Let Them Eat Chaos’, 2016.
Music/Dance Video 07:24
Dir Jess Milne
Bulli NSW
Unclassified – Age restriction: 15+
Under 15s must be accompanied by an adult
(Mild sex scene, adult themes)

A pirouette through the turbulence of life. Bella explores the notion of one step forward, two steps back, often experienced when moving on from a breakup. Bella is a love letter to the Illawarra and visually captures the hues of magic hour.
Drama (Youth Entry) 12:45
Dir Flynn Guillermo Kamino
Victoria Valley TAS
Unclassified – Age restriction: All Ages

Set in the Tasmanian highlands, the story follows two boys from school who have a struggling friendship. Having missed the bus to camp, one of their parent’s car breaks down and they are stuck in the wilderness waiting for her return.
Drama 11:59
Dir Holly Trenaman
Coledale NSW
Unclassified – Age Restriction: 15+
Under 15s must be accompanied by an adult

(Adult Themes, Moderate Language)

Violet’s life crashes down when she is dumped by her boyfriend and her parents contemplate divorce. Violet realises she has never known love at all and it affects her personal relationships, but through her friendship with Hunter Thorn, who is dealing with similar issues, she begins her road to recovery. Together, they depict different perspectives of broken families and exhibit the healing power of love, as they learn to accept the love they deserve.
Spoken Word 9:15
Dir Meaghan Holt
Merimbula NSW
Unclassified – Age restriction: All Ages
Warning to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewers:
Contains images of and references to people who have died.

Meaghan explores her relationship with her grandmother and mother through the mist of mental health, their deaths connect place and time. This true spoken word piece is illustrated with still images and a soundscapes that brings Meaghan’s pain and growth to the surface.

Music/Poetry Video 32:10
Dir Lindy Hume, Andrew Robinson, Cheryl Davison, Samwise Seidel, Lee Pemberton, Louise Morris, Kyle Wilson
Tathra, South Pambula, Tilba, Murrah, Tanja NSW
Unclassified – Age restriction: All Ages
Contains images and video of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

The Tathra-Bermagui Road is iconic to our region, the Far South Coast of NSW. A much-loved 35km stretch running parallel to the pristine coastline, its winding journey encompasses the spotted gum forests, coastal vistas, rolling hills and rural farmland.
Documentary (Open / Youth Entry) 15:00
Dir Samuel Rodwell
Orange NSW
Unclassified – Age restriction: All Ages
Trigger Warning: This film contains actual bushfire footage that may be distressing to some viewers

When dry lightning ignites a destructive bushfire atop of Mount Canobolas threatening 156 houses and vital multi-million-dollar infrastructure, 120 volunteer firefighters deploy to stop the blaze before devastation consumes their entire community. Capturing two rural fire brigades in action on the frontlines, Lidster and Clifton Grove-Ophir, we follow their dangerous journey to protect a beloved home against a ferocious fire front during the deadly heat of an Australian summer.
Drama (Youth Entry) 6:52
Dir Will Scott
Queanbeyan NSW
Unclassified – Age restriction: All Ages

After millennia alone, Death finds companionship in an unlikely place.
SNOWY LABOURDocumentary 8:42
Dir Lachlan Salvestro
Cooma NSW
Unclassified – Age restriction: All Ages

Carlo “Charlie” Salvestro relives the highs and lows of working the tunnels on the Snowy Hydro Scheme.
Comedy 8:42
Dir Leila McDougall
Tatyoon VIC
Unclassified – Age restriction: 15+
Under 15s must be accompanied by an adult
(Strong language)

Sam is new to town and is committed to his work but his work colleague Justin pushes him to meet new people through a dating app. Sam find himself in an unusual situation which could all be part of Justin’s grand plan.
Comedy 14:06
Dir Karen Jackson
Cairns QLD
Unclassified – Age restriction: All Ages

Emma and Max are engaged…but they have very different ideas of what their wedding day will look like! Enter Scarlet, their friend and self-appointed sassy diva boss wedding planner. Scarlet hatches some weird and wonderful plans to help salvage their romantic union and teach Emma and Max the most important lesson of happily ever after – compromise.
Documentary (Youth Entry) 5:00
Dir Daina Robinson
Geraldton WA
Unclassified – Age restriction: All Ages

Documentary about an immigrant’s effort to contribute to his regional community and provide a better life for his family.
Drama 10:00
Dir Angus Goozée
Byron Bay NSW
Unclassified – Age restriction: All Ages

A pre-apocalyptic drama that looks at the climate crisis from the perspective of young Jonah as he navigates an unknown future threatened by an unprecedented climate event. The Rise is a modern day myth that speaks to the existential angst of our times and explores how the threat of environmental collapse weighs on the shoulders of our young people.
Drama 6:56
Dir Lily Stewart & Monty O’Brien
Tilba NSW
Unclassified – Age restriction: All Ages

‘When Dark Times Come’ is a film about the relationship one has with fear and how, through embracing its darkness, we can find the light.