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Sponsors are the lifeblood of our festival

The festival is run by Far South Film Inc, a not-for-profit incorporated association of filmmakers registered in NSW. Read more about Far South Film here

Our entire festival team are volunteers. Our revenue streams are ticket sales and sponsorships. Without our valued sponsors, there is no festival.

What we offer you

We offer sponsors the following channels that will get your brand noticed by our film makers and audiences:

  • Your brand on our website and social media channels (Facebook, Instagram)
  • Mentions in media releases to print, radio and online media outlets right around Australia
  • Your logo / ad before film screenings to audiences in the cinema and online around Australia
  • Your brand announced and visible during our online Award announcements that are livestreamed and available as video-on-demand around Australia
  • Naming rights on an award if you sponsor a prize worth $500 or more
  • You will also receive a free sponsor ticket to watch our online festival, either for yourself or to giveaway to a customer.
    Alternatively, if you will be coming to our in-person festival in Merimbula NSW, we will give you a free VIP seat at our festival.

The earlier you come on board as a sponsor, the more we can offer you. We begin our marketing program in January and your logo will be visible on website up to the end of December. We are now taking sponsorships for our 2022 season.

What we need from sponsors

  • Awards – cash or in-kind –  suitable for regional filmmakers who live anywhere in Australia
    Examples of in-kind awards could include annual subscriptions, memberships, vouchers for purchasing film making equipment, vouchers for online professional development courses
  • Additional small cash sponsorships help to offset the costs of staging a major festival.
  • Accommodation sponsors who can offer free accommodation for guest speakers at our festival, or discounted accommodation for in-person festival goers.

What happens next

Once you have registered your sponsorship below, we will contact you to request your logo(s), video, photos and any other advertising material that will help us get your name out there. High resolution logos that will look good on either white or black backgrounds in square or landscape rectangular layout are preferred. Images will be displayed in print, on large cinema screens and online. We can also accept short (max 15 seconds) professional quality HD video ads.

Please email us or call 02 64957435 if you have any questions.

Become an instant sponsor now – select your sponsorship package below now through TryBooking