Sponsors are very important to the success of our festival. The festival is run by Far South Film Inc, a not-for-proft incorporated association registered in NSW.

If you or your business:

  • Support filmmaking in Australia
  • Want to sponsor an award for our winning filmmakers – cash, vouchers, gear or in-kind opportunities suitable for regional filmmakers living anywhere in Australia
  • Want to advertise to regional filmmakers and regional audiences around Australia

We offer sponsors a wide range of options that will get your brand noticed by our filmmakers and audiences including:

  • Your brand on our website and social media channels (Facebook, Instagram)
  • Your ad before film screenings on 23-24 August 2020 available to audiences around Australia (up to 15 second videos or 5 second slide)
  • Your brand announced and visible during our online Award announcements
  • Naming rights on award if you sponsor a prize worth $500 or more

You will also receive a free sponsor ticket to watch our online festival on 23 August 2020.

Please email us¬†or call 02 64957435 if you have any questions, or select your sponsorship now below (pay for or submit your in-kind offer) …

Download the Far South Film Story here