Mark your calendar now for festival day: Sunday 23 August 2020

In 2020 our festival is 100% online (thanks to COVID-19).

  • Films will be available on demand on 23 August for a window of 48 hours. You have 24 hours to watch the film from the time you start watching it.
  • Preorder passes and tickets before then so you don’t miss out. You’ll receive an email reminder about your preordered films and events just before they occur.
  • Films are geoblocked for viewing within Australia only. If you are having problems, it may be because you are using a VPN or accessing the Internet via an overseas provider.
  • Due to the online nature of the festival, ticket buyers for any Unclassified 15+ rated films will need to certify when they purchase the ticket that:
    • the ticketholder is over 18 and
    • anyone under 18 viewing the films via your ticket will be accompanied during the viewing by someone over 18
    • More details on classifications are available here.
  • Q&As with filmmakers will be available for you to watch live on festival day – or on demand after the festival – via this website.
  • Awards will be announced live online and on our website on the evening of the festival.
  • Like our Facebook page to get filmmaker profiles and news about the festival

We are using a new platform for ticketing – if you experience any problems please contact us so we can resolve any issues immediately.